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Boduan (Weifang) Power Co., Ltd

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  Baudouin, headquartered in CASI, France. For more than a century, as a power supplier with the spirit of navigation, boduan company has been active in the world's marine and inland shipbuilding industry. In 1929, the company became one of the three largest suppliers of marine engines in the world; in 1948, it launched a complete propulsion system; in 1983, the F11 series engine 6f11srx was equipped on the amx10 tank; in 1989, it participated in the European offshore F1 Grand Prix for the first time and won the title of diesel group; in 1991, it developed three M26 series engines, L6, V8 and V12. In 2009, France's bourdouin company changed its name to bourdouin international engine company.
As the first position of boduan international engine company to enter the Chinese engine market, boduan (Weifang) Power Co., Ltd. has established a complete procurement, modern manufacturing and high-quality after-sales system in China. At present,   the company has passed GB / T19001-2008 quality management system, GB / T24001-2004 environmental management system, GB / t28001-2011 occupational health and safety management system certification. Boduan (Weifang) Power Co., Ltd. is committed to exploring the high-speed and high-power engine market in China and even East Asia. The company takes customer satisfaction as its tenet, full participation, continuous improvement, adhering to the manufacturing concept of sustainable development, and providing high-quality products and services for the society. The company provides 330-1200kw ship power, industrial power, construction machinery and other power products for customers. The product has strong reliability, good economy, long overhaul period, stable performance and humanized detail design. The products of boduan (Weifang) Power Co., Ltd. inherit the professional quality of Europe for one hundred years. The key parts are imported with original packaging. In strict accordance with the European manufacturing process, local production is realized, and technology upgrading and process improvement are carried out continuously. The company strives to provide customers with products and services with high cost performance and provide inexhaustible power for economic and social development.

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