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Zhuzhou xiangtorch spark plug Co., Ltd

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  Zhuzhou xiangtorch spark plug Co., Ltd. is located on the Bank of the beautiful and rich Xiangjiang River. It is located in Zhuzhou, a transportation hub and an important industrial town in South China. It is the core circle of Zhutan Rongcheng, the governor of Hunan Province. The company has superior geographical location and abundant natural resources. Huanghua Airport and Wuhan Guangzhou high speed railway are close to each other. The main lines of Beijing Guangzhou, Zhejiang Jiangxi and Hunan Guizhou railways are close to the surrounding areas. National roads 106 and 320 and Beijing Zhuhai and shangrui expressways surround the urban area, which are accessible from all sides.
  Founded in 1961, Zhuzhou spark plug company, in the half century of development and change, has always been unswervingly independent, innovative development path, from the annual output of only 500000 small agricultural machinery factory to a professional R & D, production and ignition system manufacturing base integrating product R & D, production, sales and service, with an annual output of 200 million.
  Fifty years goes by, fifty years is like a song. In the process of continuous development, generations of torchbearers have worked hard to forge ahead and cultivated a sense of competition of "standing in the front row" and an enterprise spirit of "self-improvement and quality pursuit". In 1996, the company first passed ISO9002 quality system certification in the same industry, and then passed QS-9000, ISO / TS16949 and ISO14001 system certification. "Torch" spark plug has won the national silver quality award, and "Torch" trademark has won the famous trademark of Hunan Province Today, the torch brand spark plug originated in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, has gone out of Hunan, abroad and into the world.
  In the 21st century, relying on independent innovation and technological progress, torch spark plug company has achieved rapid development, with a rapid growth rate of 30% every year since 2003:
  In 2004, the sales volume of spark plugs exceeded 50 million;
  In 2005, it won the industrial transfer order of international famous spark plug enterprises;
  In 2006, it successfully acquired the complete set of equipment and technology of Delphi spark plug factory in the United States and spark plug manufacturer;
  In 2007, the production and sales volume of spark plugs exceeded 90 million. The company invested in the construction of two modern new factories, forming an annual capacity of 200 million spark plugs;
  In 2008, the production and sales of spark plugs exceeded 100 million;
  In 2009, the company passed the certification of high-tech enterprises;
  In 2012, the production and sales volume of spark plugs exceeded 156 million, maintaining a high growth rate of more than 30%.
  In the fierce market competition, the torch spark plug company entered bravely, It has successfully become a key supporting supplier for famous automobile, motorcycle and small gasoline engine manufacturers such as Shanghai GM, Changan Ford, Mazda, FAW sedan, Changan Automobile, Shenyang Mitsubishi, Dong'an Mitsubishi, Chery Automobile, JAC automobile, Geely Automobile, Mianyang Xinchen, Dachangjiang group, Qianjiang, Yamaha, Bailitong, Kohler, Fuji, TTI, etc. the company owns the power of engine More than half of the market share of OEM equipment has won the titles of national 100 auto parts suppliers and national top 10 suppliers of public transportation system for many times, and Shenyang Mitsubishi and Chery Auto suppliers and core suppliers for many years in a row Torch products have been expanded from a single spark plug to automotive appliances, water seal, starter (engine), and extended to automobile, motorcycle, small gasoline engine, large gas engine, bus and other fields. At present, the company has independent research and development, production and manufacturing technology level of iridium, platinum spark plug, multi side electrode spark plug, special spark plug, natural gas spark plug, industrial gas engine spark plug and other products, as well as development and manufacturing technology of high-voltage wire, ignition coil, automobile motor and other diversified auto parts products.
  In order to continuously improve the competitive strength of national brands and seize the opportunity of global market, torch spark plug company has continuously increased its investment in science and technology, established a number of professional automation production lines, and set up a professional spark plug research and development institution spark plug Research Institute to carry out high-end product research and development. In particular, the iridium and platinum spark plugs introduced in recent years have made the company one of the few manufacturers in the world that has mastered the production technology of iridium and platinum spark plugs, with pilot production capacity and matching with the main engine. The company has been successfully incorporated into the global parts procurement system, and has become one of the international parts supporting enterprises, with torch marketing and after-sales service network all over the world.
  Through the market experience, the company has made brilliant achievements. Today, torchbearers have already surpassed their dream of "creating a national auto parts brand" and reached the sixth place in the world. The enterprising contemporary torchbearers have pushed the benchmark of enterprise development to the top three in the world. They are full of spirit and are marching towards the firm goal.

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