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Shaanxi hande axle Co., Ltd

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  Shaanxi hande Vehicle Bridge Co., Ltd. was jointly invested and established by Weichai Power and Shaanxi Automobile Group on March 23, 2003. Its predecessor is the vehicle bridge branch of Shaanxi Automobile manufacturing plant. The company is a high-tech enterprise, with two factories in Xi'an and Baoji, covering an area of 200000 square meters, with more than 3800 employees, more than 600 engineering and technical personnel and professional and technical personnel above the intermediate level, registered capital of 320 million yuan, and annual sales of more than 5 billion yuan.
  The company has been rated as "China's top 500 machinery" and "national top 100 auto parts enterprise" for many years in a row.
  At present, the main products are: 5.5t-16t steering front axle, 10t-35t double reduction drive axle, 9t-13t single reduction drive axle, 5t-13t steering drive front axle, 5t-16t trailer axle; the products cover four series of 76 varieties, more than 2700 models, including heavy and medium truck axle, engineering axle, bus axle and off-road vehicle axle.
  In line with the service concept of customer satisfaction, the company has more than 1100 special service stations all over the country, which have been providing considerate services to customers with high efficiency. In order to provide customers with more reliable and efficient axle products, the company has built a series of more than 60 professional production lines such as axle housing, main reducer housing, cross axle box, wheel side reducer housing, differential housing, wheel hub, front beam, knuckle, etc., as well as assembly line and paint line of axle assembly. Among them, the bridge shell processing adopts the whole processing technology, automatic production line and flexible processing production unit, which greatly improves the processing accuracy and efficiency, and meets the production requirements of large quantities and varieties. The welding technology of electron beam welding and friction welding is adopted for the axle head of the bridge shell, which ensures the quality and efficiency of the product. The reliability and stability of the product are ensured by adopting the automatic measurement and tightening technology in the assembly process.
  For a long time, the company has been focusing on the improvement of basic management, making management more scientific by vigorously implementing management concepts such as ERP, lean production (TPS), budget management,   performance and six sigma within the enterprise, and making quality management level greatly improved by ISO / TS16949 quality system certification, environment / occupational health and safety management system certification and national military standard certification; Through the creation of corporate culture, the cohesion and core competitiveness of enterprises are constantly enhanced.
  Based on the domestic and global perspective, the company takes "providing more reliable and efficient vehicle and bridge products for global customers, creating a better life for employees" as its mission, and adheres to the enterprise development strategy of "adhering to technology and internationalization, strengthening three major sectors, and achieving the goal of 10 billion". In the domestic market, we have established stable cooperative relations with more than ten main engine factories; in the international market, the bridge assembly products have been exported to more than ten countries and regions, such as Europe, Asia, North America, etc.
  Relying on stable product quality and strong company strength, hande vehicle bridge has maintained the trend of doubling growth and achieved leapfrog development. In 2012, nearly 300000 various vehicle bridge assemblies were produced and sold. By the end of the 13th five year plan, hande vehicle bridge will be built into an international modern large-scale vehicle bridge enterprise with strong R & D strength and excellent equipment and annual income of more than 6 billion yuan.

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