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Kaiao group

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  Kaiao group is a global supplier in the field of internal logistics. Its main business includes industrial forklift, warehousing technology and related services and supply chain solutions. Through the design, construction and improvement of logistics solutions in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, Kaiao group helps factories, warehouses and distribution centers continuously optimize their material flow and information flow. Kaiao group is an industrial vehicle manufacturer and a supplier in the field of warehousing automation.
  Kaiao group's brands are well-known in the world and are well deserved industry enterprises. Dematek, a new member of the group, is an automation logistics expert in the world, whose products meet the needs of intelligent supply chain and automation solutions. Linde and Stier both serve the high-end market of industrial vehicles, while Baoli is committed to the economic market. Among the regional industrial vehicle brands, Fenwick is a large supplier of material handling products in France, while oumo Stier is a high-quality enterprise in the Italian market. Omevoltas is an industrial vehicle supplier in the Indian market.
  Kaiao group has more than 1.4 million active forklifts and more than 6000 installed systems all over the world, with customers on six continents and covering all fields. The Group employs more than 33000 people and has sales of EUR 8 billion in fy2018.