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Weichai (Chongqing) Automobile Co., Ltd

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  Weichai (Chongqing) Automobile Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Weichai Power Co., Ltd. The predecessor of the company is Chongqing Yuzhou automobile factory, which was founded in 1956. It was incorporated into China Jialing Group in 1995. In 2005, Chongqing Jialing special equipment Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Chuanjiang Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. jointly established Chongqing Jialing Chuanjiang Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Weichai Power held Jiachuan company in 2009, and acquired the remaining equity of Jiachuan company in March 2012, making Jiachuan company officially become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Weichai Power.
  Weichai (Chongqing) Automobile Co., Ltd. is a large-scale automobile enterprise with independent R & D, production and sales, and production qualification of M1, M2, m3, N1, N2 and N3 series models. Weichai (Chongqing) Automobile Co., Ltd. is located in Chongqing, one of China's automobile manufacturing centers and the western economic center. Its production base is located in Shuangfu new area, Jiangjin District, Chongqing City, covering an area of 1386 mu. It will build an annual production capacity of 300000 vehicles and four complete vehicle production bases by stages.
  At present, the passenger vehicle project of Weichai (Chongqing) Automobile Co., Ltd. is listed as the key project of Chongqing Automobile Industry and parts in 2013-2015, and also the key cultivation enterprise of "ten billion" in Chongqing. Weichai (Chongqing) Automobile Co., Ltd. is led by technology research and development, focusing on the absorption and introduction of many professional and high-end talents. The company has a R & D and management team with rich automobile in the automobile industry. The heads of the R & D, quality control, production and production departments are overseas high-end talents who have worked in large automobile enterprises such as general motors and Ford for many years. The core products of Weichai (Chongqing) Automobile Co., Ltd. in the future will be mainly passenger cars, starting from the close to consumer demand, and adhering to the consistent characteristics of Weichai Power, committed to creating high-quality automobile products with strong power, excellent quality and green environmental protection.
  Weichai (Chongqing) Automobile Co., Ltd. takes "customer satisfaction" as its tenet, under the guidance of the corporate culture concept of "responsibility, innovation, communication and inclusiveness", relying on the strong support of Weichai Power, under the leadership of a high-quality team, market-oriented, customer-centered, based in China, looking at the world, and striving to become a competitive China in the next 10 years National automobile brand, and eventually grow into a "well-known automobile enterprise.".

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